Create Basic Auth API


I'm new in Retool and I think I don't understand some details on how resource API works especially if I want to create a static authentication api resource. Well, what I'm trying to do

  1. Create a new resource api with basic auth

2.Now, I go to my app, create a resource query to call this api like this

I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I would really appreciate if somebody can explain me how to achieve this through example.

p.s. I've already read retool docs ((

It seems like the header wants you to use "Bearer" where you have "Basic".

This is odd, since basic authentication is the username/password variety and here the API is requesting a bearer token.

Is this a multi-stage API request where you log in first with username/pw and get a token to use?

@Fikret_Huseynkhanov For Retool API, you should choose the "Bearer" Authentication option, and paste in your API token there.

If you read somewhere that we use Basic authentication in our docs, please feel free to link the docs here so we can correct it for future references.