Create a zip file in retool

Hello, I was trying to create a zip file in retool. I have tried it using java script JSZip(). It is working fine when I run it in JavaScript but in retool js query, It is not working. May be utils.downloadFile(data, fileName, fileType) is not supporting blob type. Is there anyone can help me out for the same?

Hey Vinkal,

Unfortunately it does seem that the utils.downloadFile() function does not support downloading blobs. I have opened a bug report for this an will post back here when this issue is resolved!

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Hi @mark , is there any development regarding the problem that @Vinkal mentioned? Because I am also facing the same problem.

Hello Melih!

Stepping in here for Mark. From what I could find it still looks to be a work in progress with no timeline on the horizon.

I would encourage you to write into our feature request channel as well so that other users can chime in an +1 this conversation.

Wish I had better news for you, but I did want to provide what update I could!

Hi @jSims I hope there will be a new development regarding this situation in the future. Thank you for the information.