Count number of open pick lists


I want to build an interactive dashboard for our organization and I ended up with Retool for that.
At the moment I have already linked 1 resource (warehouse management system) and I can retrieve the correct information.

I want to make a widget that tells how many pick lists are still open. I want to do this by counting the number of different idpicklists and displaying them in a presentation widget. I can do this in a chart because it contains an aggregation function, but this does not yet work in a performance widget.

Who can help me?

Here are 2 screenshots.

Hey @Matthijspo!

If you use the .length property on that array it should count all the rows, can you try passing {{formatDataAsObject(['idpicklist'].length}}? Alternatively, if your query returns duplicates and you only want to count unique IDs you can try using lodash's uniq function: {{_.uniq(formatDataAsObject(['idpicklist']).length}}.

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you, this was the solution! Many thanks!