CORS Issue when trying to call Workflow through retool on webpage?

Hi guys,

I created a retool to catch data from a database with a webhook, so that I can display the data on a web page.

The workflow works like this:

  1. Webhook trigger
  2. I run a SQL query to fetch data from the DB
  3. I return the response to the webhook

Everything works, but I am now calling this webhook on a web page, and I am running into a CORS issue, which tells me that the domain is not authorized.

How can I by pass this since Retool doesn't allow us to whitelist domains; I believe?

I have the same issue, did you find a solution?

Hey folks! This is actually an active bug on our end. The dev team is looking into, fixing these errors and I can report back here when something has been pushed!

Also facing this issue...

Same. Can't move forward.

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Got it, I've bumped the ticket but we don't have an eta for it at the moment. Sorry that you're blocked - thanks for reporting it so that we have a better sense of how many people it's impacting!


Hey folks! The dev team pushed a fix for this with the 3.7 release - can you let me know if you're still having issues on that version?

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Hey, I am running into a CORS issue that seems to be introduced about 7 hours ago. Previously working fine because our team has an internal proxy that we use to call a retool workflow from our webpage.

I am wondering, is this related to the deploy?

Sorry for the late reply here @Gagandeep_Gill, what exactly is there CORS error you're seeing? And would you mind expanding a bit more on how you're making the request for my understanding?