Copying Resource Query Blocks Between Workflows?

Is this possible? I accidentally built 2 blocks in the wrong workflow, and I'm having to re-build them manually.

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Hi @henrymeiklejohn, this is not possible. But if they are Resource queries, you could save them on the Query Library and import them from any Workflow. This is useful when the same query is needed in multiple Workflows. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn't see the option to save a query to the library from a workflow though. Is that possible? I know how to do that from an app.

I didn't have the foresight to create the queries outside of my workflow, but if saving them from a workflow is possible that would have solved the issue I had.

Currently, there is not a way to save a query to the QL from a Workflow or App but sounds like a great FR. I went ahead and created it internally. We'll notify you with any updates on this feature. Until then, we do have to recreate them.

Awesome thank you. You can definitely "Extract to Query Library" to save from an app though. Just not from a workflow.

Thank you, I updated the FR!

Want to reference this post on this as well.

Being able to modularize base components of workflows would be a useful step in creating more maintainable workflow code.

As mentioned in the referenced post, I too like to take reusable bits of workflow (ex. a few step process to put meta data about a file into a DB, upload the file to storage, return the URL for that document and update the DB) and then incorporate that base function into other specific contexts as needed.

For example, I might want to process a stored file, which happens to be a spreadsheet of site traffic, into a dashboard for site admins or I might want to process a stored file, which happens to be a picture of a cat, into a collage of random cat images for kicks. Either way, my workflow would basically start the same (upload the file) and then branch from there.

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