Copy the data of one google sheet into another?

I'm trying to set up a simple process where I can have some sheets that act as a template, and then hitting a button will write the data from the selected/assigned google sheet into the same cells on another google sheet.

The trouble is that nothing is writing using the BulkUpdate speadsheet, and I'm not sure what's going wrong?

I have already:

  1. Created a query for the master data set (GoogleSheet1)
    Spreadsheet: GoogleSheet1
    Sheetname: ComTargSetUp

  2. Created a table for it to flow into a (DemoTable)

  3. Created a query to Bulk Update GoogleSheet2 using DemoTable

Spreadsheet: GoogleSheet2
Sheetname: ComTargSetUp
Primary Key Column: Quarter
Array of Rows to update{{DemoTable.recordUpdates}}

Click run on 3 and nothing happens.

Here is the table of data that i'm trying to update:

In Google sheet 2, columns 2-4 are all blank, with only the Quarters being filled in (hence being the key)

What am I misunderstanding?


Hey @Ahands! Would you be able to share a screenshot of your bulk update query?