Copy chart to clipboard

I use reports created by Retool in a weekly report we send to clients. The report is made in Google Docs. It would be great to be able to copy a chart to the clipboard. Today we use screen capture to do that.

If the chart component had an action like 'chart1.copyToClipboard' it would make my life easier.

I am sure this is trivial to implement!

You can do a pdf export of that component using the utils command - be warned that fonts in the chart don't always translate too well!

Have you considered creating /PDFing/ emailing the report entirely in Retool rather than Gdocs?

That might work - I will need to convert pdf to some editable format, but that should not be too hard.

How exactly would you use the utils command to export the chart? I think I found a way to export the whole app, but not specifically a chart within an app.

Never mind - I think you are referring to:

utils.downloadPage("users_dashboard", { componentsToExclude: ["container1"] });

I will experiment excluding everything but the chart and report back

That's the one - there's a componentsToInclude option too :slight_smile: