Console for workflows?

I'm starting to play with Workflows.
Is there any way in the JS queries to log to console and see those somewhere? Even when testing individual queries.
Otherwise, not easy to debug...

Hey @wabiloo!

You should be able to use console.log and see it show up in the workflow logs:

Does that match what you're looking for?

But that then only works when actually running the whole workflow, not previewing / running a single block (top right play icon)?
Would be nice to be able to support both...

Yes, definitely, that is something on the team's radar. For the moment, though, you can only see console logs in your browser's dev tools when previewing the query:

I'll report back here when there's more built-in support for logging!

Hey @wabiloo!

Just want to let you know (in case you hadn't noticed already) that console logs should now show up in individual query blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

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