Considering using retool to build small DB interface

I'm looking into Retool to build a small DB interface for a small property management company. At the moment they are using excel sheets to store and manage their data. I was thinking of starting with storing the data in a Rest API. I was just wondeing, since im new in the field, is it secure enough (using APIs for the sesitive client data) and is retool a good platform to build this app?

The real question is: is excel sheets sent back and forth secure enough?

I think it would make more sense for you to have a chat with someone from the Retool sales team than the user forum here - you can book a call with them on the website :-).


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Hey @JanaBackman!

Your API can be as secure as you’d like it to be :blush: just depends on how you set it up. There are a bunch of different auth methods to choose from, like OAuth2. Here’s a Stack Overflow blog post that I’ve found helpful in the past:

As for Retool, it can work with basically any API! What kind of app are you looking to build? Any key functionalities?


Looking to build mostly DB interface features and allow to download the data into csv

This definitely sounds like a great use case for Retool! I'd recommend checking out some of our docs for walkthroughs of templates and app examples:

There's also this community post on downloading CSVs from an app:

And please let me know if you have any questions at all, no question too small!

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