"Connection lost - read ECONNRESET"

Getting this error on a large query to Azure SQL: Connection lost - read ECONNRESET
Any ideas what this could be?

Hi @jay-graves! Ahh unfortunately MsSQL error messages are fairly vague :frowning: this could be a few things! Can you check the following:

  1. If you go to the resource and hit save, does the resource successfully save? If not, this might be an issue with your resource not connecting.
  2. Do you get the same error on other queries?
  3. How long is this SQL query? Do shorter queries work?
  4. What is your SQL Server version, if you do the following:
    SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') AS ProductVersion, SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') AS ProductLevel, SERVERPROPERTY('Edition') AS Edition, SERVERPROPERTY('EngineEdition') AS EngineEdition, SERVERPROPERTY('edition') AS Edition, SERVERPROPERTY('ProductMajorVersion') As MajorVersion, @@version AS version

Apologies if you got a notification twice but I replied to this thread yesterday using a completely different site and now I can’t seem to find it anywhere - so maybe it was lost in a migration?
Anyway I am suffering from the same issue, one of my very long queries does not work. It works just fine in all my other clients so I think it might be related to the library you are using to interact with SQL Server. I too am also using SQL Azure (the latest version updated in Dec 19).
Shorter queries work fine, this query is 300 lines and does not. Works fine in SQL Server Management Studio.
Would really appreciate a response on this as we have a few other long queries we’d like to run as soon as possible.

Hey @jamesmundy - I can't help you with the query (sorry!), but re: threads, we moved the community over from Spectrum to Discourse this week. You should have gotten an email about it but if you signed up recently it may not have gone through :frowning: