Connecting two databases

I would like to connect 2 databases together. one is an external one that i pulled the data from using SQL, and now i need to make retool extract the data from it and insert it into a Retool DB. i just need to know what to write inside the query's 2Array of records to insert (I will be using GUI). For example i want to insert (from the data extracted from the first database into Retools's DB) customer name, date and quantity

Hello @sirine!

It sounds you want to migrate your data from your SQL database to a Retool database.

You can read all about that process here on our docs.

Using a GUI is primarily for interacting with a data Resource inside of a Retool Application. Where once you query the data from the database you can update it using queries.

Let me know if you have any questions on the docs provided for migrating the data from the first database to a retool database!