Daily Automatically Fetch data from two external MongoDB Databases to 1 Retool Database

I am new here, trying out Retool :smiling_face: I have 2 external databases in MongoDB. For my Retool tool I want to use the Retool Database. I want to fetch data from the 2 MongoDB databases to my Retool Database on a daily base (1 time a day), so in the end I will have one Retool Database which contains all data of both MongoDB databases. The databases are small and have the exact same properties but different values. They get updated daily.
My Retool Database is currently empty as I am trying to find out how to set this up. Can anyone help :sweat_smile:

Hey @ellenhelena!

Have you checked out Workflows by any chance? You can use them to set up a process that runs periodically (docs here) and fetches data from your MongoDB databases.

Connecting to MongoDB should work more or less the same way that it does in regular apps so these docs are likely a good place to start. Once you've fetched your data in two Workflows blocks, you can connect them to another that does a SQL write to your Retool Database (more docs :sweat_smile:). If the data is of the exact same format it may be as simple as passing something like {{ mongoQuery1.data.concat(mongoQuery2.data) }} the SQL query:

Let me know if that's a good starting point for you or if it raises any further questions!

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Thanks! I'll check it out.