Connect to Jira DataCenter via Basic Auth, user/password provided by app user

Hi there,
I am trying to figure out a way to connect to the Jira Data Center API with credentials provided by the app user instead of. Every user needs to user their own user/password for security reasons. Therefore configuerung user/password in the resource is not an option.

I have tryed Custom Auth but could not get it to work as Basic Auth. Basic Auth need user/password provided in a combined Base64 string within the header. I don't see a way to do that in Retool API Resource.

I know there is a Jira integration in Retool. But this is only for Jira Cloud. Thererfore this wouldn't help either.

Hi @larsfessler

Thanks for reaching out! We have a feature request internally to better support this use case. I'll post here if we're able to ship a feature for this.

It seems like some users have explored working around the custom auth limitations by building a username & password form into their applications, rather than through the Resource configuration page. Hopefully, we can move towards better native support here, but it might be worth trying out for now

Hi @Tess
thanks for the info! Do you know any thread in the forum were people succeded in doing so? Maybe I haven't found the right one, yet.
How did they bring username and password into the request? Did they put it into every single query? Since Postman an Retool are the only places I did Basic Auth (or any Auth) I am not very familiar with its internal workings. So please forgive me for maybe sometimes stupid questions.

Now we have a solution using cookie based auth. It is not ideal because Atlassian still recommends basic auth for every single API request.

@Tess Thanks for your help!

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Hi @larsfessler Interesting! Thank you for sharing the current solution.

Great questions above! There is some discussion about this topic on this community thread. Yes, I believe they did pass the values into each request since it couldn't be handled in the resource setup (not ideal either!). Kabirdas offers some suggestions on the linked community thread