Confirmation Modal Cancel Action Handler

Let's say you have a select dropdown which you use to trigger an update with confirmation modal.

You change value but decide to cancel - there is no way to reset that value to default.

Hi @stefancvrkotic! :wave:

I was able to achieve this functionality by adding a "Hide" event handler to the "Modal" component, with a "Reset value" method for the "Select" component:

This brings the default value back to the "Select" component.

Let me know if this does not work for your use case. I would love to hear more details so I can attach them to the FR in case we need to create one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Paulo this is a workaround I’ve used though here I’m talking about confirmation message modal that’s triggered from queries.

Once it’s open you have no way of resetting values back natively.

Got it, thank you! The FR has been created and I'll post any updates from our devs. See you in office hours! :wave: