Conditionally display a text message

I have an app that manages student attendance. Data is loaded via CSV files; if a new student code is found in the CSV file, a new student record will be automatically created. Additional student data (name, status, etc.) must be manually added via the app.

On the initial Dashboard tab of the app, I want to display a message like "You have new users to maintain" but only when there is an incomplete student record in my retool database.

Is there a way to do this?

Actually, I fixed it myself. This is what I did in case anyone else has this question:

  1. Create a query like:
select 'You have new student records to maintain' as message
from students
where student_name is NULL
  1. Create a text component and populate it with:
{{['0'] }}

(where query14 is the name of your query)

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