Conditional formatting on collection views

I'm wondering how to format a collection view component on mobile app.
I am trying to add a conditional formatting (red if < than a value, green otherwise).
Thank you!

Hey @loicchabut35!

What in particular are you looking to change about the collection view? If you'd like to change it's background color, you might try placing it inside of a container and then dynamically passing a color to the container's styles using {{}}:

Let me know if you're trying to do something else!

Hi @Kabirdas, thank you for your answer.
I would like to be more precise on my formatting.
Here is my use case:
I have an expenses report, my expenses are grouped by categories, and my categories are displayed in a collection view.
I want to highlight categories (so highlight at the collection view's item) that are over a particular budget.

It's also possible to have the containers be repeated as part of the collection view in which case you can conditionally color each item using the {{ i }} variable as well:

Is that more of what you're looking for? If not, I'd be interested to see a mockup or an example of what you're going for from a separate application if you happen to have one!