Components not Loading - Icon showing as hidden while flag hidden is set to false

Hi all!

Would love some help here - I am having some massive issues with some of the dashboards currently live in ReTool - since this morning the majority of them do not load at all, attached a screenshot below of how it looks. The components don't appear on the screen at all, not even the purely text based ones.

When I go into edit mode for some reason the icon shows that all the components are hidden? I have triple-checked and in the editing menu the flag for "Hidden" is set to false, while the icon seems to be flagging a different status. Any help would be appreciated!

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 09.19.49

Cristina also wrote out to us via the support email, solution in this case was to replace "now()" from the end date property of the dateRange1 component with {{moment}}.


There's another thread tracking this regression here: Every components are not visible at all
Full scope not currently known, but this seems to have fixed this instance from testing with an exported JSON file.