Column text style in new Table dont refresh automatically

Hello, I'm attempting to differentiate between plain text and links in a String column type in my table. The problem is that the styling only applies to existing data, and I need to "modify" the conditional statement to also apply to newer values.


(Refreshing the table doesn't solve the problem.)

Have you tried making the column type as HTML?

Doesnt work with integers neither

Text should be theme.primary (blue) since item value is 1
(before was 2 and changed it to 1, color didnt update)

The Value should be 1 not {{ 1 }} for your test. And this looks like a custom column so I am not sure if that could be an issue as well.

Not custom column
color does not update

Try using a hex value instead like #FF0000 or 'green' or 'red'


Previewing mode does not apply any color :thinking:

background does update after changes

try item.includes(yourArrayHere);

only matches first item "Canada", and doesnt update

also item.includes([array]) may not work

That’s true I don’t what I was thinking suggesting that!

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I tried HTML column type but HTML columns cannot be edited neither Markdown columns

Hi @Oscar_Ortega I agree that sounds like the same issue as described here :thinking: It was bumped internally, so hopefully we can get a fix soon + confirm if it resolves the issue you're seeing as well

This should be fixed now :crossed_fingers: Please let us know if you're still seeing issues here

Works perfectly! thanks :grin: