Collaborate on Custom Component Libraries

I am using the new custom component libraries feature to write custom components.

I am trying to collaborate with a teammate of mine on a custom component they developed using the this new feature: They logged in, created a new library were using npx retool-ccl init, wrote the code for their component, and then deployed it using npx retool-ccl deploy.

Now, I wish to make some changes to the code they wrote for the custom component. How can I pull their changes such that their code is available to me in my local environment when I'm working in the new-custom-component repository? Since we cannot create pull requests or push to the repository, how do we maintain a source of truth for all the custom components being developed across my team by various contributors? I understand that the deploy command pushes the latest changes to our Retool instance, but what is the equivalent of this in code? Does every developer need to initialize their own library anew to work on custom components and can two or more developers on my team not work in the same library?

Please advise.

Sorry! I don't have the answer to your question, but maybe you could help me with my problem with the custom component.

Thank you very much!

Hi @shubham

not sure if I understood your problem.

The team that developed the component for you, should put that code into a repository you have access to.

They just cloned the example, thus, you/they don't need/can to interact with the tryretool Github account.

The retool-ccl commands are meant only to interact with your Retool instance to login/desplot/etc.

So, once you have access to your own repository with the custom code, you can edit and then deploy to the instance you have access to.

Hope this help.

That helps, thank you. I did not realize that you could create a custom component library without cloning the template repository...