Cloudflare R2 Resource Connection

I am attempting to connect to my Cloudflare R2 bucket using the S3 resource (as it uses the same or very similar API), upon doing this its giving me a region error saying that 'region x is not a valid region blah blah'. I was wondering had the possibility to connect to an R2 bucket.

Hello @jxnnyod!

I was looking around on the forums to see if other users had a similar issue and seems that although Retool resources can connect with S3 that things are a little more tricky for Cloudflare R2 buckets.

You can read more about what other users are doing here and also here

yeah it’s unusual because r2 is compatible with s3 i believe it’s something to do with region

@jxnnyod That's an interesting error to get. Can you show me a screenshot of the code and where you are specifying the region you are connecting with and the s3 cluster region that you set up?