Checkbox store data

Whene i refresh the site, all checkboxes value's reset themselves. I want to store checkboxes value's in somewhere like googlesheet or etc. . How do i?

Hey @egerai!

Happy to help here!

The setup here would depend on whether you are trying to tie the status of these checkboxes to a specific user or specific record in your database?

One option if you are looking to store the status of these checkboxes and they are neither tied to a user or record in your table would be to create a table representing each of these checkboxes and write an update query to run whenever one of the checkboxes are clicked.

If you are looking to tie them to a specific record, you could create a new column in this table and append an array representing the checked values and use this in the Default Values input of the checkbox group component.

If you are looking to tie these values to a specific user, you could create a table of users and their checkbox settings or you could use local storage (link to our docs on this here) to store the status of the checkboxes.

Let me know if you have any questions! :)