Checkbox in Retool mobile CollectionView component select and de-select randomly

I have a simple list of items from my Retool database being displayed in my retool mobile app but when I test it on my iOS phone, the multi-select is broken. Whenever I click more than one checkbox (per row), it just randomly unselects items previously selected. The only two transformers I have are theone attached which creates the new lists of things to be updated (both for a "set all button" and a "set specific" button) when something is selected (for my update by key write to SQL DB). Anyone else getting this?

The strange thing is I can click through and select multiple check boxes when I "preview app" but when it is on my Retool app on phone, it is broken as described above (random deselects). Is this state variable being updated somehow interfering? e.g. {{}} is using an "old" state of itself each time a checkbox is being selected or something?

Update -- I just removed the above transformer and tested on iPhone again -- the select deselect randomness continues. No idea why it is removing previously selected checkboxes in the CollectionView. :expressionless:

Hey @griffxbio! Super weird. I can't seem to repro this behavior, but will keep trying until I can! What data are you putting into your multiselect? A link to your app would also be helpful :slight_smile:

Ooh, are these repro steps similar?

  • Use a collection view component
  • For prefix component, choose Checkbox
  • For suffix component, choose Switch
  • Select the rows going top down and watch as some get unselected

Hi @victoria -- the suffix component wasn't set to switch (maybe at some point when trying stuff out but then left it as checkbox) - like I mentioned, it only happens once on mobile, not in the browser. Any luck reproducing at all?
Note - the data is being read from the Retool database (new) feature.

Just following up here @victoria -- the way I got around it was to change the toggle to be a switch instead of a checkbox and now the unselect/reselect randomly doesn't happen. All working as expected now. I know that doesn't help debug this but I can't share the app more than what info I have provided above.

Still no luck reproducing this, but I'm glad the switch is working. I filed a bug for your issue and will let you know if we're able to reproduce. In the meantime, let me know if anything breaks with your current set up!