Checkbox column in Table doesn't allow to be non-editable / Readonly

I am using SqlServer as backend and have a couple of legacy columns for Summary Criteria and Sub Criteria A,B,C,D which are set to 'Y' or nothing.

A Summary Criteria I have mapped to a Boolean field which represents visually as (tick) or (cross) which is appropriate as visual presentation, but the other fields I only want to show a value if 'Y' visually otherwise nothing. This is to highlight only what the issue is that makes it Referral Invalid.

Summary Criteria

  • Referral Invalid

Sub Criteria

  • Invalid Referrer
  • Invalid Referee
  • Expired Referral
  • Invalid Duration

It appears the Boolean column does not allow 'no value' (ie show with nothing in the cell) so I have converted to Checkbox column.

However if a Checkbox column then editable switch is greyed out / set on in the column summary. Does not appear to be a way to allow it to be readonly.


Hey there :wave:

Just to clarify -- when you say you only want to show a value if 'Y' otherwise nothing I believe Boolean would work for this unless I am misunderstanding your use case. Would you be able to set the boolean to true if 'Y' else empty if false?

Currently when mapping to Boolean it shows (green tick) for 'Y' and (red cross) for blank string value.

Are you saying If I map the blank value to null it will show nothing in the column?

{{ self == 'Y' ? 1 : null }}


Hi :wave:

We recently pushed changes to cloud that allow people to customize how falsey values are displayed in boolean columns.

What version of Retool are you currently running?

On-Premise in a Docker.

I see, in that case, the feature won't be immediately available but will likely be coming in a release within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, have you explored rendering the column as a string or perhaps HTML?