Check if actual value in db is equal or not to the value i try to updateOne mongodb

hi, I am stuck. (mongodb) i am trying to implement a database update from a file.

I can retrieve the data from the file and prepare the qury so that one row at a time of the file attempts to update the product.

but now i would like to create a dynamic query that if the parameter in the file is the same as the current one in the database it should not change.

Can I via a single updateOne query see if the filter in that query returned a result and if so retrieve the parameters?

Or do I have to make a separate query that retrieves the value with findOne and then use it in updateOne?

Hi @Mredodos

Thanks for reaching out! Could you share some screenshots of the data you're working with?

I'm wondering if we could create a disable condition (setting is on Advanced in every query) that would prevent the query from running as needed: