How to update/delete MongoDB entry via "Query JSON with SQL"

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I can update or delete records from my mongoDB with an SQL query ("update set where", "delete from where") via Query JSON with SQL? If yes, how?

I attached a screenshot for an example:
I want to update a record in my table. I change the value & press "Save changes". But it prints the following error message: "query4: Parse error on line 1: update ? set return_flag --------^ Expecting 'LITERAL', 'BRALITERAL', got 'QUESTION'"

With a MongoDb updateOne action it works fine, but I was curious if it works with SQL. Appreciate any help.

Hi @FinnG, You can't use Query JSON with SQL to write to MongoDB. You'll need to use our MongoDB integration to query MongoDB. The Query JSON with SQL query type simply allows you to query JSON data from in your app with SQL. I hope that helps!

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