Change value of a dropdown component which has dynamically mapped values

I have a dropdown, which populates the values based on the response from an API.
This dropdown is part of a form.

Now, I have a JS query which uses setValue to change the value of the fields.
I have an auto-fill button which basically fills the form with pre-fab values.

I want to fill the value of this dropdown as well but I cannot do it.
I can change the values of a dropdown where the values are hardcoded but not this dropdown where values are dynamically mapped.

How can I achieve this?

Have you tried using a temp state to serve as the initial data for the dropdown and then manipulate the temp state to change and when it does, the dropdown that references it should change as well.

I cannot do so, because.

The auto-fill allows a user to pick what kind of values they wanna pre-fill in the form, if they wanna do it.

I wanna still wanna show the dynamic values in the dropdown.
Once an option is picked, based on the choice the JS query populates the fields so that the user can proceed further.

Coming to your answer, correct me if I am wrong but this is what you mean right, that.

Store the value that I have to show in the dropdown in a temp state and show mapped value in the dropdown based on this temp state?
Again, how will I set the dropdown to a certain value even if it is mapped from a temp state?
I wanna populate the value the dynamically mapped dropdown as well.

Hey @dh00mk3tu :wave: Thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing screenshots of your current setup and of the dropdown settings in the right panel?