Change the tableChangeset

Hi all,
I am new here, so forgive my inadequacy.

I have a table with requests in it, which I added an edit feature to, so the user can edit up to 3 cells in a single row, which then are "bulk updated" onto google sheets, which is my DB atm.

The thing I am looking forward to be able to do, is change another cell, which is the status cell, with any saved change to any of the 3 editable column cells.

The request is typically either approved or declined by a supervisor or just pending/waiting (empty status cell), so I want the change saved for any cell, to automatically remove the status of the edited request (row of the same cell), so the supervisor can re-approve or reject the request.

What I have in mind is; add a "status" key with the value " " to the changesetArray for each changed row (request). Is that possible? How?


If not, is there any other way?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, @Alestalgie Welcome to the community.

Hello, There seem no way to change changesetArray or changesetObject now. with this ability, the developer can do many excited thing, such as Cascade selection descript in this post

Hope retool team can response this post, I find serveral post are request about this feature.

I modified this post to feature request.

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I struggle with issue constantly and agree, would be nice if ReTool team could address this asap. The only work around I've found is MUCH more time consuming which is to create a form where users can update table data, then create individual record updates with a query NOT using changesetArray.

Definitely valid feedback, I passed this along to eng. Thank you for taking the time to share!

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