Cascade selection - Dropdown Selection Persisting Dependent Values on Unselect and Reselect

I'm working on building a table (v2) with 3 custom columns -> two dropdown menu columns implemented as single-select tags (let's call these c1 and c2), and one dropdown menu column implemented as multi-select tags (let's call this c3).

The option list for c2 depends on what value is selected in c1.
The option list for c3 depends on what value is selected in c2.

I have gotten the option lists to value correctly, and selection works as well:

However, I am facing issues in display when the selected value in c1 changes.

When c1, c2, and c3 have all been selected with values v1a, v2 and v3 respectively, and the value of c1 changes from v1a to v1b, c2 resets to be unselected but c3 doesn't reset as expected. Instead, the existing selected value labels are replaced with their respective underlying IDs:

Additionally, if v1b is changed back to v1a (i.e. v1a is selected again), the value of c2 reverts to v2 instead of staying unselected. (At this point, c3 still displays the v3 IDs and not their labels instead of resetting to unselected):

My questions:

  1. Why isn't c3 resetting to unselected when the value of c1 changes? I also added logic to modify the table's changeset to set the value of c3 to [] or null, but that doesn't update the UI of the table.
  2. Why does re-selecting old values (i.e.: v1b to v1a) persist the old selections for c2 and c3, even though I am not saving changes to the table? It seems as if the changeset is maintaining its own memory state / cache, and I'm not sure where this is coming from.

Bump. Following up on this.

Hello, shubham.
I know you want Implement the function of cascade selection, Yes, I failed to implement this too. Because I can't find the way to change changesetArray or changesetObject programmatically. It seem be maintained by UI only.

I am very interested why this happen. But I don't know your logic in code, could u share app json?

Here is my demo app json
cascading selection.json (14.8 KB)

But there is still two factor which may result this cascading function can't work.
first, you must click the content of cell, it will trigger the cell click event. otherwise not.

second, if you change the category, then change subcategory, and come back to change category again, the subcategory will not change in visible. because we have not api to change the changesetArray of table now.

I really hope the help from team to impletement this function. Thanks in advance.

@pyrrho @Tess considering you've helped with other v2 table issues recently, I was wondering if you could take a look at this one.

We would greatly appreciate any help!

Since modifying the change set is not possible at this time, my best suggestion (so far) is to make this functionality work with a modal window/container which allows you to set the data outside of the table and then update everything on a row by row basis.