Change style while hovering over a row in table

Hi there!

I was wondering how to change the style of a table while hovering over rows.

I tried out a few CSS scripts on the "Scripts and styles" options but none of those CSS scripts are working for me.

I can change the style of a selected row in a table but I cannot change the style while hovering over a row.



Hi @mohsin-zafar-ea
This seems to work for me:

._retool-table2 .table-widget .table-row:hover * {background-color:#ffb703}

Just change the name of your table to whatever it is in your app :slight_smile: (looks like table5)

Hi @JoeyKarczewski ,

thank you for your quick reply!

This is the respective code. Thank you!
._retool-table5 .table-widget .table-row:hover * {background-color: #ffb703}

I am trying to remove the background colour completely using CSS style.

I tried these scripts:

._retool-table5 .table-widget .table-row:hover * {background-color: transparent}

._retool-table5 .table-widget .table-row:hover * {background-color: none!important}

._retool-table5 .table-widget .table-row:hover * {background-color: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.0)!important}

None of the CSS scripts mentioned above worked for me.

Do you have any recommendations?

I fixed my problem by having the same color as the background of the table.

Thank you very much!

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Glad that you figured out a solution :pray:

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