Change Entry Values in a ListView

I am trying to set the value of certain textbox items in a listview to a value (from another textbox)

I can get the values from the listview entries by using: entry => console.log(entry.Requestor) )

however, the values within the listview does not change if I set the values using entry => entry.Requestor = "John Smith" )

Extra Information: I can manually change the values in console view with the following code, but it doesn't work if I put it into the customs script event:
[...document.getElementsByClassName("_f-VOV")].forEach(requestElem => requestElem.querySelectorAll("input[id^='Requestor--']")[0].value = document.getElementById("Common_Requestor--0").value )

Any assistance as to how I can achieve this would be appreciated

Hello, You can achieve that with

textInput5[numberInput1.value].setValue(textInput6.value) // textInput5(index).setValue("value")