Change baseurl for Openapi Resource


I would like to use the Amazon SP Api with Retool. I tried it with the restapi and it works. But it would be easier for me to import the JSON model file with Openapi. However, I cannot change the stored baseurl?
Can someone tell me the best way to proceed here?

I need to change it from "host": "", to "host": "",

This is the Json Model:

Hi @Fabian_von_Kannen! Usually you can change the spec URL of our Open API resource in the resource config. You can access it by going from the Resources page > Select the resource you want to edit. Here you can update the "Specification URL"

Please let me know if you still run into issue changing it.

Hi Harry,

I don't want to change the spec URL as it is the correct one and amazon does not provide multiple jsons. I need to change the host URL whether I am accessing the North American endpoint or the European endpoint.

@Fabian_von_Kannen It looks like the schema you're using is OpenAPI v2 and it doesn't support multiple hosts. You may need to create a different resource & schema for each host you use. If you have an OpenAPI V3 spec, it will support multiple hosts (servers) in the spec.