Catch Fake GPS being used by someone in utils.getCurrentLocation() or any other method?

Is there anyway to catch if a person is using Fake GPS app to register his location in the retool app? Please guys, need your help in catching the one who plays with the system!!

Hi @Unez_Kazi! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Retool or any other software to detect whether a user is using a fake GPS app to register their location. GPS signals are received by the user's device and are not transmitted back to the server. Therefore, the server has no way of determining whether the GPS signal is genuine or spoofed.

How are you currently using GPS in your app?

@victoria what are we using to fetch location in retool? Are we using Location Manager or we are using Google Play Services?

I'm not sure how Retool currently fetches location, but I can ask around to see if any of my colleagues know!

Are you still running into issues with spoofed locations?