Cassandra Connector Fetch Size

Greetings, can you hint possible location of how to configure cassandra fetch size. By default it is 5k, but I would like to increase, so I can export it to csv. Postgres adapter confidently fetches 100000 rows, would be great if cassandra could do so

Hi @George_Bisiarin Thanks for reaching out! Are you getting an error if you attempt to query more than 5k rows?

No, got no errors, I'm just querying my database with predicate, which results in ~50k rows, but due to cassandra's paging limits, it returns only 5k. It can be adjustable via cassandra's driver statement option (increase limit or disable it completely)

Got it! Hmm, I've submitted a feature request for better support here. Currently, it looks like we don't support result pagination :disappointed: You won't be able to access the client directly, and the only resource/query config setting I'm aware of on the Retool side would be the max timeout setting of 2 minutes.

As a workaround, I'm wondering if you could call each page of results & combine the results using a JS loop

Hi @George_Bisiarin we shipped a fix to better support Cassandra auto-paging. Are you able to query your full dataset now? Please note, the fix has not shipped to on-prem self hosted instances yet

Hi @Tess, thank you for support, can you point version number of this fix in on-premise distributions?

It looks like it shipped in the latest version of 2.119. Let me know if you run into any issues.

If you're on an older version than 2.119, I definitely encourage your team to work towards updating to 3.0+ as we have a lot of recent improvements :blush: