"Result exceeded maximum size (556.308MB > 500MB)"

I am not sure how to resolve it. My query has more than 80K rows, the query worked for 7999 rows and throws this error "Result exceeded maximum size (556.308MB > 500MB)" even if the number of rows increase by one. What's strange is, when I have come across this issue I got busy with informing my manager on what's going on. Then I run it once again, at then it throws that error when I limit the query to 90K rows.

P.S. I did try increasing the time out after option under advanced tab.

Resource used - PostgreSQL

Hey there!

There is a hard limit on query return size of 500MB on on premise deployments, and 100MB on organizations using the cloud hosted version of Retool. There isn't currently a way to get around this, and honestly I would expect any app that is iterating over 500MB of data from postgres using javascript to perform poorly and crash some of your user's browsers. Reducing the amount of data that you need to pull in to an app is pretty key for web apps. Our performance doc does say 500k as an example of too large of a dataset, but it sounds like in your case you might be storing files in each of these rows since ~8k of them are 556MB?

Thank you for getting back.