Placeholder not Working in Custom Column of 'Tag' Type in Table v2

I've configured a Placeholder value for a custom column of type 'Tag' in a Table v2 component. However, this placeholder is not being displayed under the column:

I tried to toggle between edit mode and preview mode and it shows up in neither.

Moreover, the clicking of the row to select an option from the option list is not intuitive at all. There's no dropdown arrow, and I have to click on the row under the Ingredient Name column multiple times for the menu of options to finally show up:

Bump. Following up on this.


I think you might need to delete and recreate the table component. I just tested this in a fresh app and it appears to be functioning as intended:

I was able to pull up the Option List in the table column in one click.

I created a new table and am still unable to view the placeholder:

Are you grouping the table columns at all? Seems like a strange bug.

Also, are you using the cloud service or a self-hosted one -- what version of the Retool instance is running?

I reported a similar issue about 3 weeks ago. Can retool support provided at ETA on the fix? It is making some functionality of my app very confusing (blank column when there should be an indication that you can click cell to add tag).

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No, I'm not grouping columns at all.

The instance is hosted by Retool, it isn't self-hosted.

It looks like the table component won't render the placeholder on null values in the data... can you try:

{{currentSourceRow.ingredient_name ? currentSourceRow.ingredient_name : undefined}}

as the value of the Mapped Value property?

Reference link: Updating tags in a table - #8 by Tess

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Thanks! That works for the initial display of the placeholder tag.

However, if I select a value in one of the dropdown columns and it gets unselected by a piece of logic, the placeholder doesn't get displayed again. Instead, it remains blank.
More details in another post I made recently: Dropdown Selection Persisting Dependent Values on Unselect and Reselect

Update :tada::

We've fixed this bug, so empty values in a column should now default to the placeholder value correctly. This fix should land in our next cloud release (either this or next week). Thank you all for your feedback here and please do continue sharing any questions that come up!

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