Cant find layout section

Hi. I am trying to do the same steps Show/Hide a component on button click - App Building - Retool Forum

But in my version the is no layout section. Where can i find it? My rigth panel looks like this:

Hi @Anton_Ermakow,

Looks like it's "Appearance" now. You can click this icon to see more options.



Hi @Anton_Ermakow,

What exactly are you missing? The "hidden" input is visible in your screenshot in the Appearance section.

If you're trying to set something up to toggle the visibility of a component, you need to create a new JS query to handle the state. For example, a new JS Query called toggleViz with the following code:

localStorage.setValue('hideComponent', !localStorage.values.hideComponent ?? false)

This will toggle the value back and forth on each click

Then, on the component you want to show/hide, set the "hidden" value to

{{ localStorage.values.hideComponent ?? false }}

That will match the hidden property to the value of toggleViz, and default to "not hidden" (false) if there is no state set.

Then on your button, add a click event handler and configure it to run the toggleViz query.


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Thanks. This is what I was looking for.

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