Can't find how to do ScanIndexForward (reverse query) with DynamoDB Query - DEAL BREAKER

In DynamoDB by default, the sort order is ascending. To reverse the order, set the ScanIndexForward parameter to false.

As far as I can tell there is no obvious way to achieve this in Retool? Can someone please highlight how I may do this or make this a feature request?

Much of the time-series data I which to graph will require this, and therefore it will be a deal-breaker for our business if it is not possible.


Hey @tom-nz welcome to the community! It seems like you got some help from our support team directly, where they suggested using the visual parameter editor that will allow you to defined your own variables, like scanIndexForward.

Hi Alina, yes that worked perfectly thanks! I wasn't aware that option existed.

It would be nice to actually share the solution here so that not everyone needs to reach out to your support team :slight_smile:

Hey @noname, here's the expanded answer from what Alina mentioned about using the Visual Parameter Editor.

You should be able to use the visual parameter editor which should allow you to defined your own variables (like scanIndexForward):

Here is an example!

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Kenny