DynamoDB scans no longer return StringSet values

We have a DynamoDB resource connected to some of our apps and have notices that in the past month that scans no longer return the values of StringSet fields in the response. These values are included when queried outside of Retool and we've made no changes to our Retool queries or relevant apps.

Below is a screenshot of a Retool scan result:


And this is what we see for that record in Dynamo:

As you can see, Retool says that the unpacked_files key has zero elements, but that's not actually the case. Again, we have not touched these queries in Retool, this functionality simply broke some time in the last month which leads us to believe something changed with Retool itself.

I am having the same problems... did you find any solution (we do not want to change the data type in our database).... I have not seen any response from anybody @Retool

Hey @Will_Mandelbaum @Andrew_Guenther, there was a feature flag that was causing these values to not be returned, but that has since been rolled back. And we've had confirmation from others that this is working as expected now.

@Andrew_Guenther can you confirm that this works for you again?

@Will_Mandelbaum when did you notice the change? Is this for a cloud or self hosted instance?

I am not exactly sure when it went into effect, but it is now fixed. Thanks!

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I work with Andrew and can confirm this has resolved our issue as well. Thanks for the follow-up!

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Awesome! Thank you all for the updates. This should have been resolved as of last Thursday / Friday. But glad to hear it's now working properly for everyone!