Can't Access Previous JS Block Data/Output

Hey there,

Trying to access the result of a JS code block, but can't seem to get my next block to recognize the output.

What am I doing wrong?

Appears I’m not the only one.

Hi @vinnie, welcome back to the forum! :wave:

What we are experiencing is a linting issue. From looking at the output of "make_outofstock", it does look like we are getting the correct data, we should expect the same behavior when we run the whole Workflow. Thank you for your feedback, we added it to the bug report. :slight_smile:


So the bug is why I can't access the data of constructor for use in my make_outofstock api call? As seen, the data is there and exists, but returns blank during the API call.

Forgive me if I misunderstood your response!

Try adding a JS block between youe 'Constructor' and 'make_outofstock' blocks. On the new block, add console.log( or return, then run the Workflow. We should see the data on the logs even though the Error message shows on the UI.