Cannot see any console logs in Retool app


I am trying to see any console logs, and I cannot see any. I even tried to console.log something simple like "hello" in a query with nothing but that, and it won't show up. Is the debug console broken? How can I get it to show logs?

Thank you in advance for your time!

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hi @suzana is this in a transformer or JS query? are you running the query, or -- if transformer -- changing its inputs? usually hitting the "Preview" button won't generate new logs so be aware of that. you can add a semicolon somewhere and hit "Save" button which should print stuff out to the logs.

do you have a screen recording?

Hi @trz-justin-dev , thank you so much for your response! I am running a JS query which triggers a SQL query. The JS query is below. Absolutely none, not even the first console.log are printing. I select a csv through a file selector and then press Submit, which triggers the JS query which then triggers the SQL query.

console.log("Before anything")

const csvData = csvFileUpload.parsedValue[0];
const failedEntries = [];
const notFoundEntries = [];

console.log("Starting CSV processing...");

csvData.forEach((row, index) => {
    const entry = row.entry || row.Entry;
    const pointsToAdd = parseInt(row.points || row.Points, 10);

    console.log(`Processing row ${index + 1}: entry=${entry}, pointsToAdd=${pointsToAdd}`);

        additionalScope: {
            entry: entry,
            pointsToAdd: pointsToAdd
        onSuccess: (data) => {
            console.log(`Successfully updated points for ${entry}`);
        onFailure: (error) => {
            console.log(`Failed to update points for ${entry}`, error);
            if (error.message && error.message.includes("not found")) {
                console.log(`Entry not found: ${entry}`);
            } else {

console.log("CSV processing completed.");

I am stumped why they are not printing. Am I parsing the CSV incorrectly? But I don't think that's the problem because not even the first log ('Before anything') is printing. Ultimately, I would just like to output (see in the logs) the entries that are not found. The attached screenshot shows that it says the query ran successfully but I don't see any console logs in the debug console. Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you again!

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Hey @suzana!

If you create a new JS Query with a console.log() line and run it does that output show in the debugger?

I just modified a sample JS Query in one of my test apps and it appears to be logging to console properly.

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So strange it says this^

but no console log?

And this is the query:

Is there something I have to enable in the app to see console logs?

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Ah I think I might have had info messages off!


Glad to be a rubber duck for you. :duck:

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