Cannot connect to MySQL at DreamHost

Although I have successfully connected to MySQL on DreamHost from my desktop, I have been trying to connect to it from Retool all day with no success. Very frustrated. My desktop connection required both the SSH Host User name and Password as well as the database User and Password. Retool resource is only asking for the database user and password. I have screenshots...

Hey @stevedams55 screenshots would be great! Obviously, feel free to redact any sensitive information.
Would love to see how you have this set up and what errors you are getting. Thanks!

Thanks, Joe. It turns out that I was trying to do it with SSH and was not successful, but when I switched to a regular connection, I got it to work. What was confusing is that I was able to connect with SSH from MySQL Workbench on my Desktop, but I must not have had it set up right from Retool. This is what worked from my Desktop, but I couldn’t translate them correctly in the Retool Connection:

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Could DreamHost be blocking Retool? I finally found all the Retool IPs to open, which enabled me to do a standard connection, but even after that, no joy with SSH. My desktop connection above asked for both a SSH Username and Password and a database username and pw. I only saw one request for credentials when trying to set up the Retool connection. Right now, I’m just trying to learn what I did wrong. I’m okay with the standard connection I have working.

-Steve Adams


Hi @stevedams55 ,

In your mysql resource, did you tick the " Enable SSH Tunnel" box and then the " Use custom authentication details" tickbox?

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