Can you use a localhost REST API server?

Hi I have been looking into the REST API parameters for the retool resources, was wondering do the REST API end points, in my example python api, need to be hosted on a online server, or can I use a localhost/3000 on a local server and communicate with the Retool back and forth?

The use scenario is use Retool as a front end and my python backend to provide the server side data and business logic but the python server in this case is locally hosted, meaning the server is going to be on a local machine and listening for requests.

Since I see the URL and some parameters I kind of assuming can do both right? Also for the database can it also be run on a local server rather on a cloud one online?


Hey @devonso - the easiest way to connect Retool to a local API would be by using something like ngrok, and using ngrok's generated URL in the Retool Resource.

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thanks will check it out.