Running retool database locally?

I have a python service that queries my retool database for data. i want to continue being able to run my service locally to test that it works properly (also with unit tests). how can i handle running a "local" version of the retool database that I can use for testing?

for example, i also have a postgres db, which i run a local version of, and it works nicely for unit tests/local runs. i want to simulate this behavior for the functionality i have specific to the retool database as well. but i'd like to avoid spinning up another local postgres instance if possible, that I'd have to manage migrations for (which i do manually though the retool ui right now).

any ideas here? how do people usually test stuff with the retool database in their local environments? what's best practice?

Hi @r0han

you can connect to the remote Retool Database from local env, just use the connection string you can find in the Database section.

Hope this help.