Can you build public frontend quiz sites?

Researching low code tools and really like what retool can do but is it only for backend/internal sites or can I run a frontend site as well? Looking to build a custom quiz application which will have a backend to create the quiz questions and page design and view reports but will then need to either generate quiz form code I can embed on other sites or on retool pages with custom domains mapped. Please let me know if possible or if other tools I should consider for this. Preferably not bubble.. want more code access than that.

Retool has a public view option. Anyone with the URL can see the app. It can also be embedded in an iFrame so you can put in in on web site and simulate a custom domain.

You do need the Pro plan ($50/per user/month) plan to enable public app capability. But unlimited public apps are essentially free with at least one $50 user.

Hi @Teddyg2453 Thanks for reaching out! You can absolutely create a frontend site using our component library, and then sharing it publicly, as @bradlymathews mentioned, on the Business plan (previously called the Pro plan).

Keep in mind that public apps have no authentication, so anyone that has the link can view them

Let us know what questions come up :sunglasses: