Can Transformers Call Queries When Operating Over a Dataset?

Hot on the heels of my previous question (thanks again @alex-w!!) , I'm back up against another brick wall.

Can't seem to get the syntax right for a transformer that needs to operate on every record returned from a query by performing an additional query, which I'd hoped to leverage via a Query Library import. It doesn't seem to like me, however -- screenshot below should help convey the picture:

Open to suggestions or a better way!

Hi @Wrapmate! I believe you're getting that error because the query name needs to be wrapped in {{}} when it's referenced in a transformer. That said, .trigger() is not supported within a transformer. Can you try this in a JS query instead of a transformer?

I may have to take a different approach.

I've moved this all to a js function but am now experiencing all kinds of "socket timeout" errors, which makes me think I am approaching this solution entirely wrong.

Each row currently needs to a call an additional query to gain more info, which would normally be solved with a JOIN and a wider dataset. This is DynamoDB, so I'm likely going to rethink this.

Maybe a Query JSON with SQL query would be helpful?

Let us know if you're still working on this workflow :slightly_smiling_face: