Can select option value refresh in the real time according to the mapping value?

Hello, as discuss in topic

when we change option mapping value in the input change event's script.
the option list of select don't refresh in real time.
it will display the new added option in next time the option input is clicked.

Can it be refresh as soon as the mapping value is changed?

Hi @AnsonHwang,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm not sure if I see the same behavior so I wanted to check in

If I type 'no,' for example, I see 'no value' pop-up briefly in the option list & then get removed from the list (I added console logs to the script to show that it was added):

If I comment out the 'else' condition, it seems like 'no value' gets added in real time:

I didn't know what happen to me last time I tested.

It seem work fine now.