Can see a function in the json export but can't find it in the UI

Not sure why I can't see the function availableStatus in the UI. I attached the json export
message_plan.json (1.0 MB)

Hey @chris-g!

Curious about what's going on here :thinking: when I import your app I seem to be able to access the availableStatus function.

Can you check to see if you also have any org-level preloaded JavaScript that may be causing issues? Otherwise, would you mind posting a screenshot of what you're seeing?

Hi Kabirdas, thanks for looking into this. Yes it runs fine you can see it referenced in the first screen shot. Just trying to figure out why I can't see it in the list of javascript functions. I attached some screenshots to the app, the site wide JS (just one function defining menu values) and loaded library


Thanks for that context!

Is this the list you're referring to?

At the moment only queries, transformers, and temporary states will appear there. It's currently on the team's radar to have preloaded JS functions appear in auto-complete (though that's slightly different). Since the globals you define are actually on the window object you can examine it from anywhere you'd write JavaScript using console.log(window) and then taking a look at your browser console:

Does that help at all?