Can I change the default port from 3000

I would like to use a different port other than 3000 to get access to the editor and application.

Hey @nsetblay!

Can you try changing the external port mapping in your docker-compose.yml file (this line)? e.g. for port 4000 you'd use 4000:3000 instead of 3000:3000.

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Is there an issue if I use port 80? My company only opens 80 and 443 on our internal VPN.

For folks who might stumble across this thread:

Retool uses ports 80 and 443 for HTTP traffic by default, so while it's technically possible to change the app port to one of those it's not recommended since there are multiple references to the defaults in the code, and it's easy for something to go wrong.

In this case, there was another port available and hopefully, that's also the case for others who may be looking to do this!

@Kabirdas - thank you

I'm trying to keep my client traffic encrypted. Is it possible to leave app port open for retool, but force users to SSL? Self-hosted.

I added NGINX today and it works great if the user hits 80 or 443. But if they go to 3000 (where we first pointed them) they can use Retool without encryption.

Hey @awilly!

It looks like you'd want to restrict traffic to port 3000 on the machine itself. For example, on EC2, you might do so by configuring the security group attached to your instance. How are you hosting Retool?

We're running retool in our own datacenter.

Do you have access to inbound traffic rules for the datacenter? Or might you be able to share more information about how it's set up? No guarantees that I'll have the answer for this particular case but I can check to see if it's similar to something that has been used before.