Calc cumulative sum (cumsum) in a table [postgreSQL]

Hi, I have a table with date, value and type. And I'm trying to get the cumulative sum per day per type.
Lets say my current state:
Date - Type - value
Monday - apple - 5
monday - oranges - 4
monday - banana - 6

Tuesday - apple - 3
Tuesday - oranges - 8
Tuesday - banana - 1

Wednesday - apple - 11
Wednesday - oranges - 6
Wednesday - banana - 4

I would like to have an extra column on that table which shows for apple:
Monday - apple - 5
Tuesday - apple - 8
Wednesday - 19

i've been trying with some ansers on stackoverflow, but those codes seems not work on retool, this one is most common:

sum(amount) OVER (PARTITION BY circle_id
                         ORDER BY ea_year, ea_month) AS cum_amt

any workaround solution?
thanks! your saas is great

Have you tried using COALESCE ?
Also, are you trying to do this before you render the data in the table or after the query completes?
You could use different approaches depending on which.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I haven't heard before about that function, but googling I get that turn the first non-null value in a list
mm how can I use it then?

ps: I solve this issue sending data to google sheet and there I did cumsum