Bulk Upsert of Auto Increment Primary key table

I have

  1. A dropdown w/ a list of salespeople
  2. A grid with customers (Contains ID of SalesPersonCustomer record)

I'd like to
Select a salesperson and a number of customers and on click of "Assign salesperson to customers"

  • Do a bulk upsert of the SalesPersonCustomer table (Has Auto incrementing Id, SalesPersonId, CustomerId)

  • If SalesPersonCustomerId != null, insert record to SalesPersonCustomerTable

  • Else, update SalesPersonCustomer record

Hi Hugo!

This is definitely possible. Do you have a bulk upsert query currently written/started? If not, happy to help you get started.

I can hop into your app to take a look around as well! If this sounds good to you, feel free to send an email my way to:


with a link to your app!